Wednesday Weather Report 9/19/2012

Its fall dear readers, the weather is changing, VT is going to be a gorgeous shade of yellow and brown in the next few months and we have all sorts of EDM halloween parties to look forward to.

Now fall in Vermont is a very cool thing, our great green state offers up some spectacular views that attracts even the most novice photographers from across the country to capture a seasonal transition in all its glory. Now since the extent of my photography resides in instagram on my iPhone I will leave it to the film toting shoobies to capture the epic visual ecstasy that erupts around me. But what I can do is offer you some home grown Burlington Vermont music. Our town is absolutely packed with DJ’s and music enthusiasts a like, some of you might know that even Pierce Fulton resides here when he attends classes at a local university. Today im gonna give you a taste of some of the local talent that has inspired me and entertained me during my college career in this wonderful no so sleepy ski city.

So without further delay, listen, download, enjoy and share with your friends. Be safe, have fun, and party on Wayne, Cheers!

First up is Whole-Z, local UVM legend that has produced some incredible stuff. Here is one of his most recent tracks but head to his Soundcloud to grab more of his stuff, check out his remix of Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, it is really good for any listener.

Dj Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat (Whole-Z Remix)

Next is local phenom Cake Effect , fellow Electrode Entertainment member and mashup genius. This guy has been killing it all up the East Coast for a while now and he just keeps on getting bigger and better. His Soundcloud page is ripe for the picking with a ton of other high quality songs like this. Make sure you give it a gander.

Cake Effect – Level Problems (Avicii x Maxbird x LilScrappy)

Here we have TwoSev a huge fan of Moombahtone, a great DJ and and equally as promising producer. Be sure to check out his SoundCloud as well.

TwoSev – Everybody’s Chic

Coming from two recent graduates we have the collaboration that is RBTNK.  These new producers and recent graduates have spent their college years DJing basement parties to full on music venues developing their style and then unleashing the music playing in their heads. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

RBTNK – Predator