Pierce Fulton Shows Boston Why He’s the Future of Dance Music and a Preview of Tommy Trash @ Prime

After playing huge festivals like Ultra, Electric Forest, and Electric Zoo this year, Pierce Fulton stopped by the intimate Splash Ultra Lounge last Wednesday for a high-energy two-hour set. The Vermont native, who is known for his original productions, his “Get Weird” podcasts, and his unique song selections (check out his SoundCloud for those), rocked the crowd with records that spanned the latest and greatest in House/Electro-House (Dada Life’s “Feed the Dada” and John Dahlback’s “Zeus” stand out). It didn’t stop there. Included in his four-to-the-floor set were some of his bootleg mashups such as Gorillaz vs. Jordy Dazz vs. Koan Sound/Kill The Noise – Clint Eastwood (Pierce Fulton Private Edit) and even a few songs that came from the world of Trance. The Trance songs, which leaned toward “Trouse” (Trance+House – I dislike using that name but see guys like Mat Zo & Arty, Norin & Rad, and Genix for examples of this sound), stood out to me because it’s not often you get Electro-House bangers and uplifting Trance sounds in the same set. I didn’t stop moving for two hours and neither did the crowd.

Click through to read more about the night and to read our preview of Tommy Trash playing at Prime Boston this Sunday the 23rd which is sure to be an insane party!

I’m proud to say that Pierce is a student at the University of Vermont (UVM), where the four co-founders of this website graduated from college. Something I’ve noticed about UVM alumni is they’re some of the most awesome people out there – intelligent, kind-hearted, selfless, and talented. The school attracts a unique breed of people and I can honestly say Pierce falls into the description I just listed. He is a humble individual, willing to talk to both promoters in the VIP area and fans in the crowd during his sets (even if those fans are holding up their phones trying to request a Nero song). Fulton is extremely talented both behind the decks, with flawless mixing and song selection, as well as in the studio where his musical abilities shine (check out this YouTube video of him in his studio). Even more so, Pierce has truly begun building a name for himself and I consider him to be one of the young faces showing a bright light on the future of American dance music. I was surprised to find out that so many people in Boston knew who he was and were familiar with his work, considering this city is a little behind on the dance music scene. The biggest example of this would be the fact that Max Vangeli stopped by on a night off simply to enjoy Pierce’s set. And when the incredible Wolfgang Gartner embarks on his Love and War Fall 2012 Tour, guess who will be there supporting him: Pierce Fulton.

So the next time Pierce comes to a city near you, or he drops a new track, or he releases his most recent podcast episode – make sure you check him out!


Tommy Trash @ Prime Boston Preview

In related news: CANNONBALL! We have a Boston party announcement that we want to make sure you do not miss. Australian-turned-British producer/DJ juggernaut Tommy Trash is coming back to the city this Sunday September 23 to play at the brand new Prime Boston. You all know how much we here at MMIBTY love pretty much everything Tommy Trash does – from his original productions to his really-fucking-good podcasts to his live sets which, in my opinion, was one of the best three from Electric Zoo 2012. Personally speaking, it’s rare for me to hear a DJ set or mix without at least one Trash production making the cut and that’s a testament to his incredible studio skills. If you’ve partied at Ocean Club or Splash Boston, you’ll be excited to know the same management and promotion teams are responsible for the events taking place at Prime this Fall. And that includes our friend DJ Bamboora who is a resident at all three clubs and is largely responsible for these bookings. When I asked Bamboora about the last time Tommy Trash came to Boston (playing at Splash for EDM Wednesdays), he said it was “absolute mayhem” and “the best party we had at EDM Wednesdays. Period.” I think that’s a pretty convincing argument and you can rest assured I wouldn’t be hyping this event up if I didn’t think it was going to be worth it. We here at MMIBTY plus all the people behind the scenes at Prime want to make sure this is a party to remember so do not hesitate to grab tickets HERE.

Check out a preview of Tommy Trash’s new collaboration with Sebastian Ingrosso “Reload” which has been seeing a ton of support and a track you’ll most likely hear this Sunday: