John Dahlbäck – Panic (Original Mix)

Known as one of dance music’s most versatile producers, John Dahlbäck experiments with many different styles – from minimal techno and deep house to the most cutting edge progressive sounds. The Swedish born dance music producer has made waves with his huge original mix “Panic”. This massive hit is a dance floor destroyer. Dahlbäck delivers unforgettable hooks while continuously cranking up the heat.  The huge bass line and thunderous drops build up the pressure that creates a track that punches like an iron fist in a velvet gloves. This catchy and dance evoking melody is going to put clubs into an absolute Panic. So put those head phones on and turn it up!

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John Dahlback – Panic (Original Mix)

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“John Dahlbäck is further testament to the theory that when it comes to overly talented musical homelands, there could indeed be something in Sweden’s water. Born in 1985 in a small village near Stockholm, he landed his first record deal aged just 15 while most of his peers were just discovering clubs. Just a few years later he was already the proud owner of a worldwide respected label, had a string of well-known productions to his name and a reputation for quietly turning out some of the best house melodies you could hope to hear.

With a family background boasting more music than the Von Trapps it’s no surprise he was instantly hooked – his mum sings in a jazz band, his dad drummed in a prog rock band, and various aunts and uncles played piano, guitar and more, so he was hardly stuck for inspiration or opinions to help him get started. Learning the basics on his dad’s Atari computer he soon established his own style, and his second demo, a jazz-influenced, deep house number called Night Flash, earned him a record deal with Route 33.”

– Taken from John Dahlback’s Facebook Bio

Special thanks to Chris Drake  for sharing this killer track with me.