RAC “Hollywood” Remixes by Treasure Fingers, Cassian & Escort

Many of you will remember (and are probably still enjoying) the breakout original from RAC that appeared over the summer “Hollywood”. The light indie track showcased that the Remix Artist Collective was more than capable of producing a crowd-pleasing original; in fact, it probably made it further than any of their remixes ever had, winding up in the libraries and playlists of just about anyone with an ear for a good tune prime for summer activities. Months after its release, Green Label Sound provides us with a fun (and free, like the original) remix package from favorites Treasure Fingers, Cassian and Escort. The irony of having an original produced by remix artists being remixed by other, different artists may be a bit much to handle but, in my opinion, every single one of these remixes breathes a different life to the tune. Treasure Fingers’ version is my favorite but also leaves very little of the original, taking advantage of the vocals and flipping them into sample stabs. Cassian’s remix retains the original verses but adds the funky basslines that characterize his style, giving it more of a driving feel. Escort takes muted guitar strumming and old-timey horns and places it behind the vocals for a different take. Why not grab all three?