Wednesday Weather Report 10/10/12

Well if you are on the East coast I just made it in time for the Wednesday weather report, if you are on the left coast you probably were not that concerned. I dont have much to say today, other than I was really busy this week and sadly this is my first post of the week, so its gonna be extra super awesome. I hope you enjoyed the Datsik interview I made and this week I wanna shout out to the boys of Sazon Booyah for producing another proper track that I certainly will add to my arsenal.

Winter is coming so make sure you get strapped for the cold, especially if you are in “da narth lands” like us Vermonters. Anyway here’s some beats. Enjoy.

Afrojack – Annies Theme (Carnage Festival Remix

Clockwork – Titan (Hi-Yah Remix)

Kid Cedek – Cricus Freaks (Sazon Booyah Remix)

Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! – The Clap (Will Bailey Remix)

The Party Squad – Pull Up (Snails Vs OOKAY remix)

Rell The Soundbender – Ordinary People


Shout out to @lilcarolb for being my model

Shout out to East Coast Anonymous for the gear