Bring it to the Borough: A Fundraiser for Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund

Join Early Bird // Night OwlHoly Underground and Imbibe on Friday, November 30th at Mile High Spirits to support Breezy Point, a New York community devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Support this amazing cause and celebrate the spirit of Breezy Point with free drinks, live music, 30+ raffle items and food trucks! All proceeds will go directly to Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund. Breezy Point is a small, middle-class town that lost more than 100 homes due to Hurricane Sandy. Their current struggle is getting insurance to cover their loss, as many families did not have insurance, or cannot get adequate flood/fire/hurricane coverage. The town which is a part of the Queens borough is still without gas and water. Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund was started by Matthew Petronis. Although he is new to fundraising, Matthew has been able to raise over $70,000 thus far. Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund has already been seen in Forbes and 60 Minutes, and is gaining more and more visibility each day.

You can learn more about the Breezy Point disaster via this ABC Newscast. New York is a thriving hub of our countries EDM scene that we all have grown to love so much. Let’s work together as the EDM Community to help with the rebuild of communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. So if your in the Denver area this friday come join us for some drinks and dance music to help remedy Breezy Points Situation, tickets are only twenty dollars and it is sure to be an awesome night. However if you won’t be in town head over to The Breezy Point Disaster Relief Website and make a donation, anything helps. One last note be sure to check out some of this great events generous performers below and show them some love!