Minnesota’s Altered States EP

It’s almost impossible for me to get enough of Minnesota’s music. It’s not dubstep, it’s not downtempo, it’s not trap. What actually emerges from your speakers is close to future bass, eloquently crafted using the synth sounds and hip-hop flair that Minnesota has built his style on. Altered States isn’t 100% new – we’ve heard “To The Floor” and “Float” before – but the the three new additions play out like classics themselves. “Yoga Pants” is an early favorite for me. Just hit download right now. You’d be crazy not to.

Minnesota – To The Floor
Minnesota – Yoga Pants
Minnesota – Tokyo
Minnesota – Float (ft. Zion I)
Minnesota – Indian Summer (ft. G Jones) 

Download the Altered States EP ZIP

If you haven’t heard Minnesota’s remix of Adventure Club’s “Need Your Heart” I suggest you go cop that as well right here.