Lush Bootlegs the Bingo Players and Swanky Tunes Remixes Nervo & Norman Doray

There is no duo hotter than NERVO, both in terms of looks and releases. The Australian twins recently paired with Nicky Romero to produce the smash hit “Like Home“.  Miriam and Olivia Nervo don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Working with progressive and electro house DJ Norman Doray, the three created “Something to Believe In“, an uptempo progressive jam with a very catchy hook. Then Swanky Tunes came along and did what they do best: take a great song and make an even better remix.  Swanky Tunes add a much harder electro beat while not changing much of the structure of the song, something the trio has mastered. The buildup creates a great amount of suspense for the drop. The drop will certainly get the feet moving and will rattle the speakers, headphones or club. Swanky Tunes did a great job incorporating vocal samples in the track, a task that can often doom a remix. The piano incorporated in the middle of the track gives great contrast between the beginning and end of the song. This will certainly be regarded as one of Swanky Tunes finest achievements this year.

Norman Doray & NERVO – Something to Believe In (Swanky Tunes Vocal Remix)

It is rare for the Bingo Players to produce a song that does not get a dance floor moving, receive radio play, or receive Flo Rida‘s attention for his next remix (which will almost definitely make you give up listening to the original for months; see: “Cry Just a Little”). “Out Of My Mind” was no exception. It has been played constantly at clubs and festivals to the delight of the crowd. The Lush bootleg adds a harder Electro-House feel to this instant classic. The unique buildup does not give away the remix’s identity. The minimal use of the original’s main loop and lyrics gives this bootleg a completely genuine feel. Many remixes will try to do too much to a track, leaving the finished product sounding forced. The mark of a great remix is if it can stand on its on and this one certainly can. Check out their SoundCloud page for more jams!

Bingo Players – Out Of My Mind (Lush Bootleg)