Overwerk – After Hours EP

Religion MGMT probably just sent me the best email I’ve gotten all day. That’s because today one of my absolute favorite electro producers Overwerk just dropped his new EP After Hours. Since his song “Daybreak” made the soundtrack to GoPro’s latest viral video rightfully epic, I’ve been anticipating the follow up to his debut EP The Nth °. Overwerk’s style is rich with staccato synths and arpeggiated melodies and often brings in an orchestral sound, giving his productions a lot of depth. On this EP, he doesn’t hesitate to experiment with different sounds, most evidenced on “Night Shift,” where he toys with trap beats and pitchy vocal samples. Like his last project, this one’s going for the low price of free (or, to be correct, name your own price) through his Bandcamp page. I really don’t understand why Overwerk doesn’t yet stand alongside mainstage acts such as Madeon and Porter Robinson given his unreal production talents. Have a listen through and tell me you don’t agree.