F#CKING Awesome Sets From Wolfgang Gartner & Dillon Francis

So got some special treats for you guys this week. First off, we have a live set from Wolfgang Gartner. The set was recorded at the Palladium in California for HARD LA. Wolfgang is one of, if not, my favorite producers and DJs, and these days it is a true rarity to find one that excels in both. Many of you guys that enjoy EDM are familiar with his productions, from his infamous ‘Space Junk’ to the recent ‘Love & War’ and ‘Nuke’. For those that have yet to hear him live, this is exactly what you should expect if you plan to do so. He mixes in his own production with tunes from other genres he’s influenced by (and not just EDM, because yes, that is Pink Floyd and Beastie Boys in the track list), while also tossing in some new material from artists off his label Kindergarten Recordings.

….you ready for it?

Stream the entire set, with full tracklisting at RollingStone.com

Also, he has a brand new single coming next week, entitled ‘Evil Lurks’ coming out next week!

Internet radio has become a popular way for fans to listen to their favorite artists as well as a useful tool for discovering new music. Both Pandora and Spotify have both flourished within the past few years because of people looking for a way to accomplish both these. iHeartRadio is the next new name in internet radio, and more relevant to this blog, they have added a new channel ‘Evolution’ for all things EDM and dance music. At night, the channel is home to radio shows hosted by some huge names. Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, Diplo, even Wolfgang Gartner have begun hosting weekly shows on the site (as well as their mobile apps). Dillon Francis debuted his new show for the channel earlier this week. Check it out!

As you can tell from the first episode, he’s digging in his crates back to when we were first introduced to the man. Moombahton at its very roots, featuring Nadastrom, Munchi, Sazon Booya, and more along with his earlier moombahton remixes and originals. Check it out for a ‘masta blasta’ to the past!

Also, here’s a full schedule for iHeart’s Evolution channel. During the day its random EDM tracks, but this is  the real attraction. A great selection of labels and artists to choose from, so head over to iHeartRadio now to begin listening and expanding your musical tastes!! [Click the picture to go to the Evolution channel]