Zedd – Clarity (Aylen Remix)

I’ve been hanging on to this one since it came out a couple days ago and honestly I regret that I didn’t get it out to you sooner. I’ll be completely honest in saying that, for the most part, Zedd‘s album Clarity, which came out just a few months back, didn’t really do it for me. There were certainly some highlights but for the most part it felt like watered-down electro music or high-grade pop music, depending on how you look at it. The title track is a perfect example of that. I liked it for the same reason I like some of Katy Perry’s music. I like the vocals and the melody certainly gets stuck in your head. Aylen delivers on this remix giving the track a little dubstep flair which is hardly revolutionary but fleshes out the song into a more dance appropriate tune. It still sounds like something you might hear on the radio but, hey, so was “Call Me Maybe” and I love that song.