Nobody Beats the Drum Returns to Denver December 28th


Nobody Beats the Drum the live dutch dance music sensation that was recently picked up by AM Only have been taking the states by storm. Sjam and Jori produce all the beats while Rogier covers the drums creating a full audio and visual performance. Taking the stage at all the largest musical festivals this summer from SXSW to Ultra these guys have it all. To fully appreciate the groups epic fusion of breaks, electro, hip-hop and every other form of music that whips the crowd into a sweaty frenzy you must see NBTD live where the pounding music is enhanced by their one of a kind over-the-top visual display. The group returns to Denver only 3 days after christmas to get one last show in before the new year. Be sure to check out their Website, it is highly entertaining, and also grab TICKETS for the show before they are gone! Below are a couple select tracks from NBTD as well as Denver local heRobust who will be opening the night, be sure to check this heRobust and his busted remixes out as he is on the come up for sure. 

After the jump are a couple of tracks from the nights opener heRobust: