Triad Dragons Prepare Us For Doomsday


As we all watch the clocks countdown the seconds to the end of life as we know it, it is nice to know that the musical community has gone all out to go out in style. Parties are lined up from coast to coast with themes ranging from zombie apocalypse to nuclear extinction. People have taken the day off to celebrate this somewhat exaggerated Mayan holiday with their best friends and closest relatives. The Triad Dragons have taken it to the next level, producing a vocal driven, club anthem based around the idea that Doomsday will actually be an “awakening of the soul” for fans around the world. The song should go great with all of the upcoming parties as this up and coming group based out of Denver is slowly making headwaves in the edm community. They have actually just announced their second ever performance slated for January 19th at the Fillmore in Denver as they open for Bad Boy Bill. I hope this helps everyone out as they prepare for what could be the end of days as we know it!