Someone’s Been A Busy Little Mouse

The man who defines himself as the Mighty Mouse has been quite busy since the last  time we checked up on him. Scurrying around the globe, he has made some very important friends by opening for the likes of The Magician and Gigamesh while traveling the tour circuit overseas and occasionally here in the states. Having little exposure here stateside, it is easy to forget about this rodent, which happened to me until I caught one of his remix’s at the tail end of the most recent Magic Tape. A quick glance at his Soundcloud and I realized that I have been missing out! Not only does he pump out a monthly mix (still waiting on December’s), but his remixes and edits are as plentiful as cheeses at a wine tasting. His musical influences draw from house, techno, disco and 80’s music whilst also exploring a love of the psychedelic. Some may label him as nu-disco, but once you listen through these remixes you realize that he is so much more than that.

Seasfire – How Do You Sleep (Mighty Mouse Remix)

Monarchy Feat. Dita Von Teese – Disintegration (Mighty Mouse Remix)

Good Night Keaton – Next To Mexico (Mighty Mouse Remix)