Sazon Booya – Oye Mami EP + “Mayhem and Moombah” Documentary


Sazon Booya is back with the hot fire for all of you to enjoy. As apart of Oye Mami Month, Sazon Booya has released the four tune EP of fresh and very hot material featuring the likes of Valentino Khan, Comrade, and Major Melvin. Every track is unique in its own way and every track is worth listening to multiple times. One of the better EPs that I have heard in a while and just in time to heat us up for the spring. Along with the EP they released a short documentary (view here) about themselves as a part of Oye Mami Month. Check the songs out here, and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t  already.

Sazon Booya – Major Booyahton (Feat. Mad Major Melvin)

Sazon Booya – Un Aplaudo De Mano (Feat. Valentino Khan & Comrade)

Sazon Booya – Oye Mami

Sazon Booya – El Pollo


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