Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (option4 Remix)

option4 swimming

Leaving no time to rest after the festive New Year, option4 is hitting the ground running when it comes to 2013. After seeing a breakout year in ’12 including a national tour, the release of his debut EP, as well as weekly residencies in Denver it is no surprise that Brennen Bryarly is eager to start the New Year. His popularity and success is as much about the music as it is his excitement and love for the scene. Stage present doesn’t even to begin what he brings to a set as the deep melodic beats pump throughout the club. Bodies move to the beat as eyes and smiles have a hard time straying from the DJ, as they become enthralled by the energy he puts out. This bootleg of the ever popular drank song shows not only the  musical talent I speak of, but also the creativity that flows through his mind. Definitely download as he offers up this baby for free and be sure to check out his other work via Soundcloud!