AC Slater & ETC!ETC! Remix Lil Wayne + Slater’s New DJ Mix

ac slater

AC Slater and ETC!ETC! I guess had some free time a little while back when Lil Wayne came on the iPod shuffle. What happened next can only be defined as a couple of talented producers having too much fun fun together. Maintaining the classic vocals were essential, everything after that was up for grabs. A funky tech drop hits just when you don’t expect it, turning this hip hop beast into more of a club beat. I’m sure to have fun with this one over the weekend, hope you do to.

AC Slater’s Soundcloud has seen something of a rebirth over the last week with the release of Clap Bitches and the Wayne Remix as well as an all new DJ Mix! In Like a Lion hits some serious levels of hard as Slater tears through a relentless amount of new material. You can hear the trap emerging in his work, although the DnB will never die for this guy. Yet another great mix to throw into your collection to get you hyped for the big evening to come!