In Case You Missed It: Tommy Trash’s Monkey See Monkey Do Remixes


I don’t really have to say much here. One of Tommy Trash’s most underrated songs, in my opinion, is “Monkey See Monkey Do” which came out in November 2011 on Chris Lake’s Rising Music. If you want to talk about one of the most powerful sounds in dance music today, you don’t have to look much further than Tommy Trash, who is freakishly talented in his original productions, his remixes, and his live sets. Although he has been producing for many years, he came into his unique sound toward the beginning of 2011 when “The End” was released and it became a must-have in many DJs’ sets. I think the original “Monkey See Monkey Do” (which we posted HERE) was overlooked by many (compared to Trash’s other songs) because it’s not an outright BANGER that you’re used to from the Australian. It has more of a progressive and melodic feel to it, yet the bass lines and kick drums surely lack no punches.

This remix package, unleashed on Monday through Mau5trap Records, is incredible. You could pretty much close your eyes, randomly pick one of the remixes, and be satisfied with the outcome. If I had to guess the reason for bringing this song back with fresh takes it’s because it was so relatively overlooked by dance music fans. And if I had to guess even further, many people who became fans of Tommy Trash became fans after more mainstream releases like his remixes of “The Veldt” and “Ladi Dadi”. Tommy even created a re-edit of his original “Monkey See Monkey Do” to make it pack way more of a punch – a version that goes so much harder. Tom Staar‘s remix is the most progressive sounding of the four, with a signature Tom Starr chord progression. Zero Hero’s (who I can’t find ANY information about – please help!) goes HAM with a heavy Electro sound, and Nom De Strip‘s remix falls somewhere in between Electro and Progressive. All four remixes manage to hold on to the original qualities that gave MSMD its identity. Regardless, this package is for the true House fan.


Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Original Mix)
Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Tommy Trash Re-Edit)
Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Tom Staar Remix)
Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Nom De Strip Remix)
Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Zero Hero Remix)

*Grab the ZIP package here!*