Wednesday Weather Report (what its Thursday?) 3/21/13

So I am a day late on the WWR but its due to good reason, unfortunate but legitimate. Basically some brilliant city workers installed a water main over the sewage drain leading from my house into the street a few decades ago. Over time this water main eventually crept lower and lower until it ravaged my poor poo-chute and turned my basement/frontyard into something no one ever wants to see (or smell for that mater). So without any running water or ability to evacuate spent food waste I spent the last evening in a hotel, with probably the worst internet connection possible. So I am coming a day late with some fresh tunes for you all.

So like me and the weather around here (two feet of snow on the first day of spring) I am all over the place. I have some funk, some trap, some moombah, and something else.

First up lets start with some moombah. These guys by the name of Lazer Disk Party Sex are VT natives and good friends of mine, humble mountain folk that when put in the right studio with a certain Diplo  produced a massive tune heard world wide titled “Set It Off”. Just recently The Fat Rat took a stab at remixing a remix and came out with some proper results.

Diplo- Set It Off (feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex) [TheFatRat Remix]

Next up I got something funky, like really funky, you can actually call it funk. Reposted on soundcloud by the one and only RAC I had to check it out, and what I found is that producer Tuxedo is bringing back the funk and I am so for it.

Tuxedo – So Good

I guess it had to be done sometime.

Ookay – Star Wars

I would like to finish out with some good old house music from our friends Azari & III giving us a track titled “Lost In Time” and beautifully redone by Amtrack. Let this hit you.

Lost In Time (Amtrac Remix)

All nice and zipped up for you all, cheers.