Candyland Thug Out Daft Punk’s One More Time

candyland one more time

Daft Punk – EVER HEARD OF THEM? Oh wait, you mean that dance music super-duo who many consider music royalty? That French duo who have probably already established the song of the Summer with “Get Lucky“? Yeah, well Candyland (Josie Martin & Ethan Davis from Santara Barbara California) are a dance music duo themselves who have been gaining quite a bit of steam over the past year, especially after unleashing their really-fucking-good remix of the Bingo Players’ “Rattle”. Today they dropped their “OG” (Trap) remix of the classic “One More Time” which is an all-time favorite of mine. You’ll notice the sped-up/pitched-up sample right out of the gate, but once the kick drum enters it actually makes sense and sounds great, especially with the vocals. But as with most Bass Music songs, the cream can be found in the drop (not the crop) and around 1:06 you can see what really makes this track shine. Such a fun and different sound coming from a Daft Punk classic and what I hear is a 2013 tribute to a track that was released 13 years ago.

As you can see, Candyland are on tour so make sure to catch them when they come to a city near you. Especially Boston, which is a rescheduled benefit show in wake of the Marathon bombings.