BONES Dives Back Into The Deep End


So if there is one blog out there that we could possibly love more than ours, hands down it would be GDD. These guys have been doing it right since day one and literally have wrote the book on music blogging and are now hosting weekly events in LA and Miami as well as getting to ride around in a cart at the EDC Festivals DJing to the crowds (see Wide Awake Cart). One the guys behind the musical beast that is GDD is the extremely charismatic man that goes by BONES. Trevor, known by most by his first name, is perhaps the most talented resident DJ in the country. Based out of LA, BONES consistently opens the widely popular Friday night parties at Avalon and oh did we mention he is also the resident DJ for Dim Mak Studios. He is also a master with the English language as I always find myself reading his blog posts over and over again, his musical taste is also spot on and way ahead of most. So as he brings back his deep house mix series just in time for summer I will let the man himself do the introduction…

Plunging once again to the pools of the undiscovered, I present to you my third installment of THE DEEP END, an exploration into the fathoms of house, garage, funky, tech, booty, and beyond – So dive into this mix and get lost for an hour into the depths of a deeper vibe… Enjoy 🙂 

bones track