Dillon Francis feat. Simon Lord – Messages


Dillon Francis has been putting out some fuego lately. His “Suit & Tie” Remix has gotten a lot of positive feed back and his newest happy-go-lucky remix to Passion Pit’s “Carried Away” is already getting a lot of buzz. So, what about “Messages”? I’ll put it this way, it pretty much sounds like every other electro house banger that he has put out. If you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of Dillon’s and I have been from the get go. I love it when artists go out of their comfort zones and break the barriers of their genres to explore new things and Dillon Francis is one of those people who did Moombahton, Dubstep, Moombacore, Trap and Electro. But can Dillon Francis go back to making Moombahton please? or can he at least get out of making that 112bpm electro that sounds so generic at this point and step it up to some crazy 128bpm stuff? I really hope someone out there agrees with me. Anyways take a listen to “Messages” and make sure to support Dolphin Francis on Beatport

Dillon Francis feat Simon Lord – Messages

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