Flosstradamus BVT Wrap-Up

flosspostcoverEaster Sunday in BVT and we got a little more than some crappy colored eggs annoyingly hid around your yard. Flosstradamus rolled into town and was able to sell out the Higher Ground ball room on the day of show to make for one hell of a way to end such a family orientated weekend.

There has been talk about a backlash of trap music, that it is just a fad, or it isn’t going to last, I dont think any of this rhetoric would of stood up to anyone that witnessed Sundays events. I have been to countless shows at Higher Ground, I have seen some of the biggest names in electronic music take on the Burlington crowd, what I did not expect is the absolute madness Sunday held. With pockets of mosh-pits dotting the interior crowd, shirtless men and woman absolutely drenched in sweat, wave their hands to the beat from the opener to the closing song, standing soberly observing was just as much fun as it would of been to jump in the crowd head first. Flosstradamus has been an undeniable catalyst to this new type of hip-hop influenced electronic music titled “trap” and it is almost clear to see why. Getting a reaction from a song produced almost a year ago to date (Rollup), that when I had played live when it came out, no one really seemed to care, was a very interesting phenomenon.

Providing minimal information about the duo’s beginnings or really anything about them, the pair has used an allure of mystery that certainly helped project them into the spotlight. Their chart topping remix of Major Lazer‘s “Original Don” was kind of the staple of their success, even though played out by most every single person with speakers, it still has the ability to draw a frantic roar from the crowd, I was very impressed. Personally I didn’t even think the show was going to sell out given the time and place of the event and the specific weekend, but day of show people were offering up Flosstradamus tickets that were originally $15 to upwards of $50-$60! But there we had it a sold out show as if it was happening on a Friday night.

The tracks they played were somewhat what I expected, but it was really cool to see them mix in a ton of popular hip-hop songs so the whole crowd can sing a long. What I was really happy to hear was tracks off their EP “Total Recall” which is actually my personal favorite collection of their tunes, it was almost humorous to see people react to the tracks they played off of “Total Recall” as if they were brand new, the EP came out October’ish of 2012.

Overall you couldn’t of not had fun at that show, fan of trap music or not it was just a blast. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives and it was really cool to see some of the creators of the whole trap movement live at work and playing out some of the tracks we have come to know and love back to front, wether you knew it or not. I hope the best for these guys and wish them luck on the rest of their tour, check out a link below to our Facebook page to check out pictures from the event and tag yourself in them, also if you are in RI check out the link below to win some free tickets, cheers everyone.


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Also, Flosstradamus just released a new EP with DJ Sliink titled “Nomad” , we covered it here.