Hellberg Is The “Next Big Sound”

Monstercat‘s Hellberg, is an up and coming 18-year-old EDM producer from Sweden. Two weeks ago, he was honored to appear on Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” top 10 list, ranking at #7. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal for this guy’s career and I’m sure this is going to do nothing but help him get noticed. His future is beginning to look brighter and brighter! He just released a new bootleg yesterday called “If I Lose My Fallen Redux (Hellberg Bootleg)”. Hellberg’s goal for his music is to “deliver happiness to people, make them feel good, and to make them want to dance.” With this track, he definitely does just that. Although I couldn’t get you guys a download, you can listen to this track if you click here, and it will direct you to his soundcloud page. To give you more of a taste of Hellberg’s music, I’ll post a couple of his other great tracks on this post. You can also download these for free on his Facebook page!

Skydive (Original Mix)-Hellberg

Storytellers- Hellberg