Wednesday Weather Report (4/10/2013)

FInally, it is getting warm outside, the grass is getting greener and the flowers are about to bloom. Honestly there is nothing that lightens the load of the every day than some sunshine and warm rays, needless to say our weather is looking up a little bit as we crawl from the dredges of winter. If you are a golf fan, well there is some sort of a really big tournament happening this weekend, invitation only I hear.

But lets get back to what we are really here for, a super good looking naked chick on a golf cart; excuse me, I mean the music. As I do every week I try to find some music to share with everyone that I personally enjoy, it has nothing to do with a certain genre or record company, just something I have been enjoying and I think that you dear reader, will enjoy too.

So if you continue on after the break you will be able to listen and download my little weekly selection, cheers!

I don’t know if you know who Flume is, but you absolutely should. This guy absolutely blows my mind with every single track. However this is a remix, but it is still freaking great.
Flume – Left Alone feat. Chet Faker (Ta-Ku Remix)

This next song, could not be more original, creative, unique and elicit such a fantastic sense of nostalgia while incorporating some light ironic humor. Tive TWO SEV a round of fucking applause please.

I love when artists take their own songs and give them an update. Check out “Don’t I Know You” 2.0 from Cloaka.
Cloaka – Don’t I Know You(Cloaka VIP)

I wanna send this out on a happy note, what better than a Mowgli remix? Check out “San Francisco (Little Daylight Remix)”
The Mowgli’s – San Francisco (Little Daylight Remix)

Everything is all zipped up for you right here –april10  –