Dada Life – Boing Clash Boom (Major Lazer Remix) [UNRELEASED]


Compared to the original track, Major Lazer definitely kills it with this trap heavy remix of Dada Life‘s ‘Boing Clash Boom’. This track, redone by ML, plays with some tribal sounds integrated into this electric anthem and is truly a proper remix. It completely changes the electro-house feel of the tune with a heavy build up and a crazy drop. Some snares, ‘pull ups’, and wind up noises give it a reggae vibe and make’s one simply bounce to the beat. The second drop is my personal favorite because after the first one you don’t know what to expect and it comes out of nowhere. I love it when a song catches you off guard and remixes are what usually do it for me. Major Lazer came out with Free The Universe last month and are slowly taking over the world with their dancehall/moombahton/trap and I fucking love it. It’s nice to see the EDM industry evolve into something other than, “A bunch of Dutch DJs with the same haircut” as Major Lazer’s head honcho, Diplo said himself to Huffington Post a few weeks back. Regardless – enjoy this remix of the Dada dudes and get amped for the full version, which will hopefully drop very soon.

The original for those who haven’t heard it, here: