Brooklyn buddies Branchez and Sweater Beats both have a knack for making some very unique beats. Sweater Beats style tends to more closely resembles the sounds we’re typically accustomed to hearing from the likes of Flume and Ta-Ku whereas Branchez has made his name with some inventive trap productions (especially his bootleg of Rihanna’s “Stay”). The latest from Sweater Beats then is fully enhanced by remix duties from one of my favorite up-and-coming producers and the result is nothing short of spectacular. While Branchez doesn’t take the energy much higher than it needs to be for this sort of track, he does some very interesting things with the vocals, chopping them and pitching them throughout the treble range (as you’ll remember from “Stay”) and adds in the appropriate 808’s. To be honest, both versions are spectacular and I think you will agree.

Sweater Beats – Make a Move (Branchez Remix)
Sweater Beats – Make a Move (Original Mix)