Wednesday Weather Report 5/8/2013


Wednesday already? (Delayed the posting for technical reasons)  May already? Can’t really believe it is already May, time sure flys when you are [insert whatever you are doing here]. At least the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous. The sun has been shining, the smell of barbecues in the air, lax bros whipping around in topless Wranglers, Land Rovers full of girls “wooing” at said Wranglers, spring has sprung here in BVT.

We had an onslaught of music the past few we have been trying to sort all our footage and post interviews  and venue photos, we have a lot of things in store for you in the next few months. We are constantly hiring new writers and our team keeps growing by the day, along with our reach, and we owe it all to you dear readers, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. So it’s posts like this that I love doing, just a senseless dump of music that I think all of our MMIBTY readers would enjoy very much, so continue reading and get some tunes that will make your music collection better than everyone else’s

The original of this track “Booty 2 The Ground” would probably be considered old by relative music standards, and this remix certainly brings some life back into it, it was remixed by the same guys who made it by the way.

UZ + CRNKN- Booty 2 The Ground (TWERK REMIX)

It’s by FLOSSTRADAMUS and its called ASSQUAKE…come to your own conclusions.


Lockah has been an awesome addition to my music collection, this Ghost Mutt remix of “Young Neon Countach”really satisfies all my psychedelic synth needs.

Lockah – Young Neon Countach (Ghost Mutt Remix)

Normally I am not one for mashups but this one is a complete exception. I dont care who you are, where you are from, but everyone loves some funk, some head noddin’ funky funk.

Janelle Monae – Tightrope (Jimi Needles Grand Popo Edit)

These guys, debuting off of Crooker’s new label are pretty green on the scene, but you can see why Crookers would put them on their label, sounds just like them.

And I couldnt do without informing you that the one and only Fake Blood was honored to receive the coveted 69th edition of Fabric’s LIVE recordings. To advertise his debut in one the worlds most notorious music venues, Fake Blood has spent some time in the streets with some paint filled aerosol cans, check it.