Option 4 and Friends Introduce Night Supply

option 4 -

Great friend to MMIBTY.com, Option 4 has just teamed up with Need & Neccesity, Keepers, Alex D. Wolf, and Uncle Buck to create Denvers newest label, Night Supply. Option 4, aka Brennan Bryarly told us a little more about their new project; “Night Supply will go against the grain of conventional labels; no more waiting around for releases, and every song will be free, thus the “Supply” part. We are just going to make great music and give it away”. Being pretty big fans of free music here at MMIBTY, I can’t express how excited I am to watch this project grow and develop. With the first in the Night Supply release series aptly entitled NIGHT X NIGHT vol.1, we are blessed with some great Deep and Tech House originals from Option 4 and Keepers. While Need & Necessity get on the techno train with their new track Love on, really appealing to the electronic lover in all of us. Be sure to head over to the brand new Night Supply Facebook, Soundcloud, and Website and grab yourself some free music. Also keep an eye on the Denver Events page to find out where you can catch the Night Supply artists doing the damn thing!