Riff Raff Explodes Onto Mad Decent with Dolce & Gabanna


Well I have been waiting a while for Riff Raff to finally make his appearance as a solo artist on Mad Decent. As his huge success with Andy Milonakis and Dirt Nasty in the creation of their trio Three Loco continues, it only makes sense that Riff teamed up with Bass Killer Carnage to create his first single. Raff’s new single entitled Dolce & Gabbana is pretty much exactly what we have come to expect, one hilarious line after the next and the addition of a tough Carnage beat takes this one to the next level. Raff takes us on a little trip through his world, sitting butt-naked in the sauna, eating okra with Oprah, and wearing suits made from koala. This being the first track released on his upcoming album Neon Icon (link to hilarious interview), it’s about time everybody realizes Riff Raff is here to stay, and hopefully that means more dope collaborations with MMIBTY favorites like Carnage. So head over to iTunes and pre-order the new album Neon Icon today, not exactly sure what the drop date is but seems like Diplo and Riff have a late summer release lined up.
Riff Raff – Dolce & Gabanna