AC Slater Leads the “Return of The Underground”


I brought up AC Slater‘s name the other day in relation to the impending release of today’s new EP Return of The Underground and to my surprise I was met with a blank stare, from someone who I very much expected to recognize the name. Even more shocking was hearing that someone could possibly not be aware of his Trouble & Bass label out of Brooklyn, despite the fact that the label itself doesn’t play host to any major players. It was at this point that I realized just why this was possible… AC Slater has remained underground by being underground. He has never produced music for the masses and has always stepped to the beat of his own drum. He is a DJ of the people and never tries to be anything but and never has that been more apparent than on his latest release.

Return of The Underground would be a departure from AC’s sound, if you could ever say he had one. While all the tracks are substantially different in composition, the constant is the heavy influence of UK garage sounds mixed up with sub-rattling wobble bass, resulting in music that could only be defined as the sound of the underground. AC Slater teased the tracks via the official Trouble & Bass SoundCloud over the past few weeks and had me extremely excited for the EP’s release, out today for free download. This EP may not be everyone’s bag, but I strongly suggest you bump these tunes on some heavy subs and feel the deep energy these tracks possess. **Pro Tip: Click “Buy” to download the tracks from T&B’s website**

As a bonus, if you’re going to be around NYC this Saturday, Trouble & Bass is teaming up with one of our all time favorite labels Dirtybird and promoters verboten for a showcase with Salva (pictured above) and J. Phlip, to name a few. They put together this promo mix to get you in the mood and if you’re down, peep Resident Advisor for tickets and details.