It’s Finally Friday and I’m Listening to Felguk

felguk slice and dice

As if the near-100-degree heat here in Boston today isn’t enough, I’m turning up the temperature with Felguk‘s new Slice & Dice EP released on their own Dongle Records. This six-track big boy was released last Tuesday, so I apologize for the delayed post, but I think it was worth the wait. The Brazilian duo, Felipe Lozinsky and Gustavo Rozenthal, have been releasing music since 2007 and are just one example of successful Electro-House producers and DJs coming from South America – other notable artists include Dirtyloud, Darth & Vader, and FTampa (all from Brazil). I’ll admit I haven’t dived as deep into Felguk’s catalog as I would have liked, but I can tell you that the tracks I HAVE heard are pure Electro-House gold. And I’m talking REAL Electro-House, none of that Big Room nonsense. And sometimes, by the way, they produce Dubstep.  So it’s all good, aggressive dance music.

I’m really impressed by what Felguk did with the Slice & Dice EP. Not only is the collection six tracks, when some EPs are just two, but each song has its own identity. The title track “Slice & Dice” is a standout and my early favorite from the EP. So much so that when I first heard it I sent it out to a bunch of friends I knew would appreciate it. I have a weakness for high-pitched chopped-up vocals and “Slice & Dice” delivers that on top of screaming synths and a simply dirty Electro wobbly drop. It’s pure heaven for the Electro-House fan. Rounding out my top-three are “Get Down” and “Shine On”. “Get Down” is a fun Electro-House track that will cause you to nod your head and stomp your feet, featuring some off-beat patterns and a repeating “down down down” vocal hook. “Shine Down” is a Reggae-infused Dubstep jam that was produced in collaboration with Israeli duo Infected Mushroom, a definite surprise to me considering they come from opposite sides of the track.

Other notes:
-“Loudblue” reminds me a bit of Avicii & Nicky Romero’s “I Could Be the One”
12th Planet‘s remix of “Slice & Dice” is pretty epic and gets nice and Trappy

If you want to grab the entire EP head over to Beatport to purchase it. You can also stream Slice & Dice on Felguk’s SoundCloud page.

Felguk – Slice & Dice
Felguk – Get Down
Felguk & Infected Mushroom – Shine On