Jerome LOL – Subaru Mix 4 Logo

His name is Jerome, and he makes music live on the internet. That is really all you will find out about Jerome LOL, well at least on his Facebook profile page, and thats all I really need to know about this Cali based producer who really just mellowed my melon with his new mix titled “Subaru Mix 4 Logo” posted on his Soundcloud about 4 hours ago.

Jerome LOL, once part of the LOL Boys hangs with a pretty talented crowd and is often present at venue line ups amongst some of the greats. I have been absorbing this artists music slowly throughout the last year, mainly through adventures on Soundcloud and references from friends, most of my collection is from the collaboration between Jerome and Markus, but since that is on hiatus we get to see some independent releases from both talented producers.

This mix I am featuring this evening is most excellent, it is above and beyond too hot for me here in Burlington and having something salty and relaxing to listen to is exactly what I needed and exactly what Jerome has provided me for this evening, and now to share it with you! Enjoy.

Jerome LOL Facebook  | Jerome LOL Soundcloud