The Krew Just Keeps On Getting Wetter

Yet again, the dopest krew in the EDM community presents us with another badass track that’ll have us all immediately feeling their good vibes. Krewella‘s new single called, “Live For The Night” that just debuted today, is going to be on their next upcoming album that is scheduled to be dropped this fall on Colombia Records. Like always, this track is fun, badass, and pretty much just makes me want to rage my face off. Isn’t that what these guys are all about anyways? They certainly succeeded in making some amazing music that makes people feel good, want to dance, and just live in the moment and have a good time.

A while back I remember seeing on tumblr that Yasmine (pictured right, incase you weren’t already aware of who is who) went on a rant about how harsh the haters in the music industry are and touched upon how she was actually beginning to worry about how much hate they were going to get on account of their new music that was soon to be released. This blog post was simply a late night rant about this topic that seemed to be really getting to her, but she decided to post it and I’m really glad she did. She was 100% real and made some really good points. After the new Daft Punk album came out, there was a lot of back and forth between musicians, as well as fans and anti-fans that were hating on it and it started to get out of control on social media sites, if you all can remember. Yazzy said, “…it’s impossible to scroll through my timeline on any social media and not see a post that is hating on something or someone. ” Ain’t that the truth.

Then she went on to say this:

“This is fucking scary for an artist. We’re coming upon the conclusion of the full length album, and for anyone who puts their heart into the music they create and let it out into the world once it is (almost but not ever quite) perfect knows how anxiety-inducing it is in the current day and age to do such a thing. Some support you, but others will stop at nothing to cut you down and make you feel worthless about yourself as a musician and even a person sometimes. Really though, if I had a dime for every person that didn’t know one of the three of us, yet called out some deep character flaw they couldn’t possibly know… ”

(Read the rest of Yasmine’s tumblr post here.)

I can’t even imagine how that must be, always living under the spotlight and taking all of the scrutiny and judgement from people 24/7. In the end, it’s all about who cares about you and the people who love you who matter the most, and Krewella definitely has more fans than haters from what I can tell. They rock. Show these guys some love and don’t hesitate to comment on their Facebook or tweet at them and make their day a little brighter. Every little nice comment can make all the difference. Download “Live For The Night” on iTunes HERE! Here’s a quote to leave y’all off with, “Only speak words that make souls stronger.” Peace.

Krewella- Live For The Night