It’s Your Field, Your Fest with Breakaway Coming to Dallas

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As summer slowly approaches its demise, the festivals definitely show no slowing down. Prime Social Group presents Dallas, Texas with a wide range of artists all accumulating together for a musical presentation of the year – Breakaway. Breakaway Music Festival, which is taking place Saturday, September 21st at FC Dallas Stadium, is all about “creating a unique experience while incorporating everything your city has to offer” hence the saying – your field, your fest. With this being said, the people of PSG are bringing some big acts but are inviting locals a chance to roll with the big shots and perform at the fest as well. Because of the variety headlining the event – Breakaway is alluring not only DJs but bands to score a set on stage there too. For the opportunity of a lifetime you can submit your music here. With acts ranging around some Crunkstep with a MMIBTY favorite, Crizzly to the majestic Empire Of The Sun – Breakaway offers an array of performances that you will not want to miss.


Keep reading for some tunes of the artists playing and more details about the fest!

Big Gigantic – Can I Get A…

Get funky with headliners Big Gigantic at Breakaway. Adding to the EDM representation of the fest, these guys are quite the treat. It’s no surprise they’ll be hitting up the main stage this September alongside their ability to make the crowd go wild with some saxophones and impeccable DJing skills. They’re definitely an act you won’t want to overlook.

Crizzly – F**kin’ Problems

Ah yes, all hail the Crunkstep God! Personally having seen Crizzly drop the bass live at EDCNY a couple of months ago, I think it’s safe to say he most definitely knows how to turn up. With Texas being his home, I’m more than positive Crizzly will have something special cooked up for us at Breakaway. He’s a favorite amongst the MMIBTY crew as well. Check out his artist spotlight, here.

Danny Avila – Voltage (Preview)

Coming all the way from Madrid, Spain – world favorite Danny Avila will be headlining the fest as well. Bringing some fun electro-house and bangin’ sounds will surely turn the soccer field upside down. Can’t wait to get more than just a preview of this track coming out July 19th via Spinnin’ too!

Empire Of The Sun – Alive (M4SONIC Remix)

Personally, these guys are who I’m most excited to see at Breakaway. They don’t just put on a set but incorporate art and an intimate performance every time they play live. In my opinion, Empire Of The Sun are quite possibly the most interesting addition to this lineup. I know, I know – you may be thinking how the hell EOTS & Juicy J could be on the same roster, but I assure you – it’s happening and it will be amazing.

With no further adieu, keep your eyes peeled for more posts relating to the brand new fest coming to Texas. We have a lot in store for ya’ll and believe me, you don’t want to look past any of it. Get your tickets soon and rage on! – S