MAKJ With a New Mashup


Holy sheets to the wind this guy has been on a role.  If you have been under a rock you have been missing out on some stellar bangers that DJ MAKJ has been putting out there.  Whether it be his birthday bootleg pack, or his remix of Let Go Tonight, and countless others, some of the hardest hitting music in my library has come from this guy.  As I listen to his new mashup, which is superb, I know that there is no stopping this kid.  This song is sure to “Make Some Noise!” as it builds up and breaks you into an awesome guitar and vocal sample from Play That Funky Music, a very recognizable and catchy approach that just makes you want to dance.  O and it doesn’t stop there! Instead of just playing the generic card MAKJ takes the more aggressive approach dropping you into the chainsaw mayhem that is Tundra. This one along with Spaveech’s remix of Incubus’ Stellar are my top two break through songs of the summer.  Put this one on loud and just watch the reaction it gets.