Wolfgang Gartner & Tommy Trash Are Hounds Of Hell

hounds of hell

When I saw two of my favorite Electro-House producers (and quite frankly two of the most talented producers in the dance music game) were teaming up on a track I couldn’t have been more excited. Personally I thought it was long overdue for producers Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner to work together, but I suppose the cliché holds true in that good things come to those who wait. I knew the Hounds of Hell Tour was coming around, featuring not only Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner, but also Bass Kleph and Charlie Darker, so it only made sense that the track “Hounds of Hell” was released in an effort to generate additional buzz. The result is nothing short of spectacular, and exactly as good as I was hoping for. I think the most impressive aspect of “Hounds of Hell” is that you can hear an equal balance between Tommy Trash’s sounds and Wolfgang Gartner’s sounds. Plenty of Wolfgang Gartner synths fill up the intro and breaks, while Tommy Trash’s signature devastating drops are ever-present in this high-energy banger. As dance music fans we’ve come to expect greatness from Trash and Gartner and “Hounds of Hell” exemplifies this perfectly. Make sure you go to see the Hounds of Hell Tour if it’s coming to a city near you, because I can attest that both these guys put on amazing shows. Plus everything I’ve heard of Bass Kleph live is phenomenal.

Tommy Trash & Wolfgang Gartner – Hounds Of Hell (Original Mix) | Purchase on Beatport