Party Sex Is Dead TOUR

They may be done with the “Party Sex” but by no means is the party over at all. Lazerdisk as they shall now be called is launching a pretty lengthy tour to spread the word of their new name change, and their new sound to go along with it. From Maine to Mexico the boys will be playing constantly until Novembers end, embarking on the next tier of their career.

Not only do we have the honor of helping to announce their tour, we will also be covering the event in three of the cities mentioned on the tour list, Burlington, Queens, and Boston. Make sure to stay tuned to our outlets for FREE TICKET GIVE AWAYS and INTERVIEWS to these events, it is something you certainly do not want to miss. Also don’t expect to see those Stormtrooper masks.

Along with the tour announcement comes a fantastic minimix that Lazerdisk has put together as a preview of their new sound and what you should be expecting to hear live. Packed with a few exclusives that you can only get on this mix and their new funk-layered upbeat sound that is as intelligent as it is mature, I personally am very excited to hear live the new and improved Lazerdisk.