Spaveech Injects Some Tech into Kaskade’s “Atmosphere”


And the producer who doesn’t quit…well, he hasn’t quit. Spaveech, probably my most-posted-about up-and-comer, just released his take on the widely popular anthem “Atmosphere” by Kaskade. You’ve probably heard this track at festivals, on your local dance radio, or at the gym (yes I fall into all three buckets), but you’ve probably never heard it remixed in quite the fashion that Spaveech has. Keeping the vocals intact (performed by Kaskade himself), Spaveech gives this one a little more bounce and a little more drive by turning it into a Tech-House thriller. We don’t really hear a huge difference until the ground-shaking main section comes in around 2:50, at which point a crowd would surely erupt. What amazes me most about Spaveech is that he really has no boundaries. He’s produced Trap remixes, original Progressive House bangers, and of course tracks that are a little more minimal like this “Atmosphere” gem.

I’m just waiting for the day when Spaveech gets picked up and goes on a tare because it’s really only a matter of time. If you like what you hear show the kid some love!