Ta-ku – Songs to Break Up To EP

If you think Drake is the master of songs to break up to, you’re wrongly mistaken. In his recently released and accurately named EP, Ta-ku proves to be the heavy weight champ of capturing the overwhelming despair associated with heartbreak. His songs ‘I Miss You’ and ‘We Were in Love’ bring a beautifully uplifting sound to misery that not many have even come close to matching. Trying to imagine the heartbreak that he’s experienced to be capable of such a sound is unthinkable, though I am forever grateful to whatever broad broke his heart so deeply to cause him such sorrow turned musical magic.
Ta-ku seemingly seduces your senses with ‘I Miss You’. He samples lyrics from Willow Smith’s “Summer Love” creating a heartbreaking conversation between the female voice and the pitched down vocals presumably depicting a male’s voice that dances around a simple string-sounding melody hooking your heart on a string and leaving it to dangle.
“We Were in Love” starts off slow as he samples breathing noises and weaves them into a melody that turns into tear-jerking vocals that imitate the heavyhearted bass line. The subtleties of Ta-ku’s melodies are what prove that emotion doesn’t need to be induced by in-your-face dynamics and outrageous hi-hat effects, but can be felt naturally in the vehement ambiance carefully constructed with each kick of the bass drum.
In his remix to Ginger & The Ghost’s “One Type of Dark” Ta-ku proves his versatility as an artist, and that there’s no limits to his ingenious and innovative sounds. The Indie tune turned R&B tear jerking pairs the sweet yet edgy vocals of Ginger & The Ghost with a delicate string-like melody that explodes into an orchestra of emotion. The synthy bass line rattles as it captivates the ears in a collision of ingenuity.
The Aussie Native’s goal in releasing ‘Songs To Break Up To’ was to “produce a cinematic musical journey for the broken hearted. A concept EP that would hopefully resonate with different people for different reasons,” and boy, has he done just that!

We Were in Love

One Type Of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)

I Miss You