Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Unconscious

Black Sun Empire

 Sometimes I look at the Beatport Top 100 and I think ‘Jeez, there is so much generic big room and electro house on here; where is the variation?’  And sometimes I look at the Beatport Top 100 and think ‘Do people honestly love Avicii and his edm-country crossover album?’  These are questions that keep me up at night and make me wonder if I should become a monk to avoid hearing ‘Animals’ by Martin Garrix ever again.  I wonder where is all the awesome drum and bass?  I just looked at the Beatport Top 100, and there is absolutely no drum and bass tunes on the list.  Not a single one!  I think it’s safe to say that we could all probably use a little more drum and bass in our lives.  That’s where Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind come into play.  These two drum and bass groups just released their track ‘Unconscious’ for free on their respective Soundcloud pages here and here.  ‘Unconscious‘ is heavy-hitting tune that is sure to get you out of your chair and moving.  Both groups are known for their darker drum and bass, and ‘Unconscious’ is no different.  I like pretty much all types of drum and bass, but dark drum and bass is definitely my favorite.  It always has an erie and evil-sounding mood that is completely different from the Beatport Top 10.  Plus darker drum and bass is usually heavy-hitting, and it just sounds so raw; it’s beautiful, really.  ‘Unconscious’ will definitely not disappoint drum and bass fans, and even people who like heavier tunes will enjoy this.  I mean just like at the artwork for the track; now that’s some dope artwork.  I would love to see Black Sun Empire and State Of Mind live at some point because I know both groups would deliver fantastic and energetic sets.  For now though I’ll settle on listening to ‘Unconscious’ on repeat.  Black Sun Empire & State of Mind are also awesome enough to give it away as a free download, so you can listen to it anywhere: in the car, at the gym, family reunions, Christmas parties….the list is endless really.  Give it a listen, download it, and show Black Sun Empire & State of Mind some love.