Weather Report #24

stephanie davis
It’s been a while but I wanted to bring back a nice music download dump for everyone to enjoy. If you remember these from a little while back it was something I used to do when I just couldn’t decide what tunes I wanted to share with you, so I shared them all. Things being they way they are I was unable to get it up about the same time every week so I kind of let the project go. Today I want to bring back the Weather Report that will be scheduled on a loose basis of spontaneous nature, so you should certainly stay tuned to keep up with all the free music I am sure to throw at you.

On this rendition of the Weather Report I am going to open up with something a little relaxing that I scored from the gentleman over at . Take a listen to Tycho’s “A Walk (Jay Oskulata Remix)”

Next I really wish you would not say a word, and listen to what KEDD COOK has to say.

For something a little more thunderous we can take a listen to Akeda’s “Gallieni”.

I am really excited about this tune from a recently discovered artist named Broke For Free. This track is titled “XXV” and will be absolute number one played song on a sunny powder day.

I am going to bring it back down into a soulful relaxing mood to finish off Weather Report #24. This tune by Blackedout titled “Champaign” is a wonderful electronic song that could more or less sum up a long night of champaign drinking.