Datsik Burlington VT 1/27/2014 – Photos + Interview

Once again in the final days of January, a similar name flashed across the news feeds all over the area, Datsik was back in town. Bringing with him once again his massive Vortex lighting display, Datsik and his crew of consisting of Herobust, Getter and The Frim sold out Higher Ground yet again.

Datsik has been a pioneer of electronic music in the West. Known for pushing his patented style of very heavy bass music, something that many would describe as the sounds of mechanized war (mainly stuff that I can put on at the gym to get me going) but none the less a sound that has given him a very loyal following.

The show last week was packed with people of all ages, many dressed like neon road warrior of a post apocalyptic dystopia ready to sweat and dance as if it were the last night of existence. Datsik’s Vortex projection system barely fit into the stage, the top of it was literally scraping a beam. Being so large there was a only a small amount of room for the opening acts to perform, cramped stage right with little lighting, I kind of felt bad for them being overshadowed by the massive coned projection system. Also the venue wouldn’t allow the large PK 500,000 watt sound system that has been following the crew on tour, there was an issue that fellow bass music producer Excision had last time he was in town; basically it was so loud the liquor bottles on the shelves of the restaurant next store rattled off and smashed to the ground. After a rather impressive performance from Herobust ,Datsik took the stage to stimulate the crowd.

The curtain dropped and Datsik stood in the Vortex, it fired up in sync with a monstrous opening tune. The display came with a few additions this time, some LED panels to the left and front of the main display that really added a nice touch. Datsik played a lot of his newer music and some of his tracks that we know him for, and mixed it up a little bit by adding some hip-hop in his set, I thought it was nice to see that direction.

Overall I thought the show was very well executed, the crowd was very engaged and the lighting project that they have been toting across the country seemed to go off without a hitch. With such a massive production I give a lot of credit to Datsik’s whole team, they have really learned to work efficiently to pull off a great show.

Interview coming soon…