torren foot drake

The Melbourne-based producer who brought us one of my favorite tracks from 2012, “Rondo (Jump to This)”, is back with his latest G-House infused track: a remix of Drake’s “Over”. I’m not the biggest Drake fan, but what Torren Foot did with “Over” is really up my alley – a thumping bass line, a four-on-the-floor beat, and some Hip Hop lyrics over all of it. Drake’s voice is usually auto-tuned, but in Torren Foot’s version his voice is chopped and screwed. I think what really makes this track is Torren Foot’s choice of a fat bass line and driving beat. I’ve been really into guys like Amine Edge & Dance lately, and I can absolutely see Torren Foot’s remix of “Over” fitting perfectly into one of their sets. My only complaint is how the song ends – instead of a kick drum outro, Torren Foot chooses to filter out Drake’s voice, bringing the song to an abrupt end.

If you like what you hear go show Torren Foot some love – he comes from one of my favorite cities in Australia!