Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 010

color bag collection 010Yo, what’s up team? If you were lucky enough to get one of those spring break vacation things, I sure hope you enjoyed it because Oxtavius Magical Goodybag 010 is chock full of treats for you to get through the rest of the week and well into the weekend. The first track we have today is one by Pig & Dan called “Marshmallows.” I wouldn’t call it fluffy or sugary, but it’ll get you on your feet no doubt!

Up next is a strong, dark edit by Strange Fruit of Alt-J’s “Breezeblocks” that the duo reworked on their way to play Primary Nightclub here in Chicago two weeks ago. Not only did they put on a fantastic show, but every production they put out sounds better than the last! Pulsating drums carry the listener onward throughout Breezeblocks (Strange Fruit Dark Edit) leading up to a gentle guitar strum during the breakdown. Just listen, man.

Third goody out of the bag is a number by Jesse Voltaire titled “Love Under Will” released by Archipel. Soothingly hypnotic and at times showing shades of dub, “Love Under Will” retains its driving force all along. Fourth up is a track by Christian Prommer called “Waltz.” It’s got a sort of minimal/classical/house vibe that’s very inviting so check it out. You might have to throw Christian’s FB page a like, but is that really the end of the world if you get a sweet free song out of it? Nah.

Moving along, we pass along a super weird EP by Zhao called “Le Passé Reste” released today by Archipel. The title track has a really cool minimal air about it then things get progressively quirkier in Nuages et Fumées. Monochrome begins with a more stripped-down feel but surely don’t stay that way; this ain’t your roommates tech-house. Spatial gets even wilder yet followed by Allenaide, which may very well be some sort of attempt at interplanetary communication.

Making our way into the [MIX BOX] segment at the bottom of our enormous goodybag, we jump right into an hour-long techno mix by the gifted DJ Anna. Save this one for the gym, on the way to a club, or even at your party! The second mix we have for you today is a live recording from the debut of Chicago duo Shytone at Primary Nightclub last Sunday. Shytone is comprised of two very talented and well-known DJs named Kalendr & Inphinity. I’ve heard one or two of their productions and will be sure to include the next one I find that is available for free download.

Next is a dope techno mix [Supreme 144 to be precise] by Spartaque. Having a bad day? Toss this bad boy on. Closing out our tenth edition of the Oxtavius Magical Goodybag is a three hour and ten minute podcast mixed by Wolf+Lamb exclusively for our friends at Data Transmission across the pond. If you dig Wolf+Lamb, you’ll be pleased to learn that Spybar announced yesterday their new quarterly residency with none other than Soul Clap. For ticket giveaways, passwords for free entry, and much more, bookmark mmibty.com/chicago so you never miss a show and always pay the best price or no price at all!