Artec Shows London Grammar How “Strong” He Is [FREE DOWNLOAD]

London Grammar - Strong (Artec Remix) ARTWORK1

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you’ve undoubtedly heard of our good friend Diego Camejo, who now goes by Artec. The Miami-based producer and DJ, who spent recent years as a student at Boston University, was one of the first artists to put together an exclusive guest mix for us. Aside from his excellent mix, Diego produced music that we featured, including his Rise Remix EP and Volume 1 of his Edit Pack.

Diego went pretty quiet during 2013 but at the end of last year we heard from him and we were informed he had re-branded himself as Artec. Whether you call him Diego or Artec, the bottom line is he’s a skilled producer who thrives in the realm of Progressive House and favors the more melodic side of music. Artec doesn’t just know how to use computer software – he is also a skilled musician which isn’t something every dance producer can say is true of him or her. About a week ago, Artec released his remix of London Grammar’s “Strong”. Those familiar with the original version of “Strong” will know it’s a ballad that doesn’t even come close to anything in the dance music world. What Artec did with his remix is quite brilliant – he transformed it into a Progressive House/Progressive Trance tune that still has a soft side, but is also uplifting and full of four-on-the-floor life. I can see the Above & Beyond guys throwing Artec’s remix of “Strong” into one of their Group Therapy podcasts and with close to 100,000 plays on SoundCloud, it’s pretty obvious listeners agree it’s a winner.

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I’m stoked that Diego has started to really make a name for himself and that his work is gaining so much recognition. Take a listen to some of his other work and make sure to give him a shout if you like what you hear!