I Can’t Stop Listening to Sharam Jey’s HARD Summer 2014 Mixtape

sharam jey hard summer 2014

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for funky House music, especially songs and mixes hanging out in the G-House realm. For those just tuning in, G-House stands for Ghetto House or Gangster House and plays off Deep House and Nu Disco elements with sprinklings of Hip Hop infused all the way through. Many of the tracks in G-House are on the slower BPM end of House, anywhere from 117-124 and sometimes even outside those ranges. You still get a four-on-the-floor beat, but you almost always get a FAT bass line and some sort of chopped-and-screwed vocals, often sampled from older Hip Hop tunes. This is probably my favorite sub-genre of dance music over the past year, thanks to guys like Amine Edge & Dance, Shiba San, Sirus Hood, Kolombo, and especially Sharam Jey.

When the stellar HARD Summer 2014 lineup came out I was blown away at the diverse selection of talent slated to play. Among the long list, that includes some of the world’s biggest DJs, Sharam Jey’s name stood out to me. The Cologne, Germany-based artist has been on my short list of producers to sort through when in need of some funky and fresh beats. Since Gary Richards (aka DESTRUCTO and founder of HARD Presents) has really embraced the G-House sound it’s no surprise to me he enlisted Sharam Jey to be part of this year’s festival in LA. The G-House world is small and there are few DJs who stick to that one sound – but since I love it so much I was really excited for the chance to see a set full of the funkiest beats around. Even better, HARD released Mixtape #2 for the “Summer” edition of its festival series and to my delight it was Sharam Jey behind the decks. This mix came out almost three weeks ago but I haven’t stopped listening to it, which is why I need to make sure as many people hear it as possible. The mix contains a majority of tracks produced by Sharam Jey and his friends on his label Bunny Tiger. Standout tracks include “Big Deal”, “Fly Beat”, “Clap Your Hands”, the Daniel Fernandes remix of “Hum Hum” and so many more.

Check out the mix below, the track list after the jump, and show this dance music veteran some love if you like what you hear!

T r a c k l i s t:
1 Sharam Jey & Kolombo – Big Deal – Bunny Tiger
2 Sharam Jey – Fly Beat – Bunny Tiger
3 Tapesh & Daniel Fernandes -True Game – Bunny Tiger
4 Sharam Jey – Clap Your Hands – Bunny Tiger
5 Sharam Jey – To The Beat! new – Bunny Tiger
6 Sharam Jey & Vanilla Ace – Kinky Mind – Bunny Tiger
7 Sharam Jey , Kinree & De2part – Shot Me Down! – Bunny Tiger
8 Sharam Jey & Loulou Players – Hum Hum (Daniel Fernandes Remix) – Bunny Tiger
9 Sharam Jey & Night Talk – Gonna Get You ( Sirus Hood Remix ) – Bunny Tiger
10 Sharam Jey, Sammy W & Alex E, Less Is More – Down Low – Bunny Tiger
11 Sharam Jey & Teenage Mutants – Understand me ( Betoko Remix) – Bunny Tiger
12 Sharam Jey – Jam Hot! – Bunny Tiger