Wolfgang Gartner & Popeska Are The Computers [FREE DOWNLOAD]

wolfgang popeska

Today Wolfgang Gartner and his understudy Popeska released their song “We Are The Computers” for free download. This marks the first time in Wolfgang Gartner’s outstanding career that he’s released an original track for free. I’ve always been willing to pay for Wolfgang’s top-notch productions but I’ll gladly take one of his tracks free of charge. If you haven’t heard of Popeska, he’s an extremely talented member of Kindergarten Recordings (Wolfgang Gartner’s record label). Popeska hails from Atlanta, Georgia and is just 20 years old. His name is also Ralf. “We Are the Computers” is a melodic collaboration between Wolfgang Gartner and Popeska, with a robotic chorus that exclaims “We Are The Computers”. The drum beat was clearly constructed by Wolfgang, as it resembles other drum patterns he has used in the past. The melodic parts are likely influenced by Popeska, since many of his tracks have layers of, well, melodic synths over them. I’ll admit I don’t love the track the way I’ve loved past Wolfgang Gartner productions, and I certainly yearn for the days of “5th Symphony”, “Hook Shot”, “Montezuma”, “Space Junk”, “Illmerica”, and so much more but I’ll certainly take a song that highlights the skill of an up-and-coming Electro-House artist.

Check out the track below and enjoy the free download!