Summersalt 2014 In Review

Summersalt 2014

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Summersalt San Francisco has come and gone but the memories will be forever. Absolutely killing the line up, the team at Eye Heart SF did it again with an amazing festival. The music was diverse, the crowd was poppin, and the festivities were beyond stellar. Over all the festival was a success, and I strongly encourage those who enjoy festival feels to hop on the ticket sales for next year! Walking in to Summersalt was unlike anything I have ever seen, industrial buildings from left to right and huge smoke stacks surrounding the entire area, it was something out of an underground fairytale. Right when you walked into the festival to the left was the Red Bull Sound Stage where the likes of Miles Medina & Panic City, The Lowend Theroy DJ, The GasLamp Killer, and Ana Sia along with Salva played and absolutely slaughtered their sets. The Red Bull Sound Stage was one of the most active stages during the festival and it was responsible for melting faces in the audience (props to the artists and the sound engineers running the audio on stage). As you continued walking you were greeted by a large three-sided art area where multiple painters/artists were expressing the beauty that is urban art. On one side was a large “Summersalt” mural and on the other was the skyline of San Francisco with a huge Golden Gate Bridge underneath. Keep walking and you saw what looked like huge monster jaws were facing the main stage. There were even Zorb Balls to race your friends, if you felt like being a gerbil for a couple minutes. Along with the Zorb Balls there was an area with free hula hoops for anyone’s use, containing different varieties, colors, and patterns (glow in the dark? Yup that too). There were about 40 people going at the hoops all day, a hobby that has certainly grown along with the scope of music festivals out there – they almost go hand-in-hand these days. Then finally you arrive at the main stage where Amp Live, Jay Ant & G-Eazy, Keys N’ Krates, and Big Gigantic killed their sets and put smiles on faces for the festival that was Summersalt SF. Overall the performers brought A+ material.

Miles Medina & Panic City Live @ Summersalt 2014

The day started off with seeing Miles Medina & Panic City, a very trapped out set filled with Miles Medinas bangers such as his remix of “Stoner” by Young Thug and his new single “CUCCI POP” while cutting in and out with some of his top quality scratching skills. Following in suit Panic City Threw the fuck down, his set included some unreleased Trap songs along with his new single that came out on Dim Mak Records called “BANG BANG.They came prepared with festival Big Room House tracks and even brought out some Moombahton. Following Miles Medina & Panic City was Jay Ant. This show was perfect for the San Francisco/Bay Area feel and it went from 0 to 100 very quickly. Starting right off the bat, chanting HBK, Jay Ant quickly rose the crowd up, started his set, and even brought out a few friends including Dave Steezy + a few others.

Amp Live rose beyond expectations with his set featuring Dirty ChelloTheir set combined the live acoustics of Dirty Chello with Amp Live’s filthy Hip-Hop/ Trap instrumentals and made people loose their shit. I cannot say much about the songs they played but if I were to say anything it would be that the bass was insane and the crowd responded very well to everything that was being played. Moving back to the Red Bull Sound Stage DJ Dials  followed with a pretty chill set, not banging like the other DJs, his set was quite diverse and near the end of his set he dropped straight fire. Overall DJ Dials’ set was quite unexpected and a crowd pleaser. Following DJ Dials, Grandtheft caused heads to nod and feet to stomp at the main stage. Dropping his remix of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” this was the breaking point of Grandtheft’s show, that made everyone go nuts and immediately got the crowd jumping. His set was filled with heavy trap bangers along with his well-known songs such as “Keep It 100” and “Pretty With Her Eyes Low” Featuring Diplo. Grandtheft’s performance was great, and it ended up being one of the most active shows of the evening.

Chilling out back over at the Red Bull Sound Stage, Ana Sia threw a super dope House/Deephouse set which brought out her signature sound and completely rocked the stage. It was the best House set of the night by far, she did a great job combining her originals with some more commercialized music to create an overall fantastic set. Up next was Keys N Krates; the sun had set and the mood was made. Playing mostly unreleased tracks and improvising with live drums and keyboard synths, they pushed the sound system to its limit. Absolutely rocking the show, Keys N Krates did a wonderful job, and I can’t wait to see them next time they come through to the Bay Area! Finishing off my night was the Gaslamp Killer. He threw the fuck down, absolutely melted faces, and made my night. Playing funky tribal bass mixed in with the HEAVY sounds of EPROM, I couldn’t have asked for a gnarlier set. Nothing but sheer bass music and heavy Trap, this made Excision’s music look calm. Overall the night was great and the festival was amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed the music and company of others. once again props to the team at EYE Heart SF for putting on such a fantastic show. We here at MMIBTY Bay Area hope to see you guys again soon!

Editor’s note: Jon from MMIBTY had the pleasure of witnessing Big Gigantic’s closing set. They threw down hard as only Big Gigantic can do, making sure to include their fantastic remix of Zhu’s “Faded”. The only complaint is they barely had a 50-minute set, allowing them to only play a handful of songs before the festival came to a close. For those of us who went to Summersalt in large part to see Big Gigantic headline, it was disappointing that their already-short hour-long set was cut down due to unknown reasons.

*Special thanks to Lyja and the rest of the team at Summersalt for making our experience possible*

Big Gigantic’s set was short but sweet

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