Artist Spotlight: Jamie Fenn (EP and Interview)

Halloween Shit

Today we bring you an Artist Spotlight on an up and coming producer out of Colorado.  Jamie Fenn has been producing music for about 3.5 years now and has recently started to make some noise with his Dub-step and Hybrid-Trap. We were able to sit down with Jamie for an exclusive interview about his future as an electronic music producer. Check out his new Halloween EP, his song Godly Pt. 1 here for Free Download, and be sure to read the interview in its entirety after the jump.

MMIBTY: Outside of other dance music, what inspires you most when you are making a track?

Jamie Fenn (JF): When I’m writing a new track, I’m feeding off of all types of ideas the whole time. Different instruments, chord progressions, samples….the list goes on forever. But what is really important to me is what first initially sparks the idea for the track. It could be anything from a specific sound, a pattern of sounds you hear, or even a word or something off the TV.

MMIBTY: Are there any big things in the works that your fans should be looking forward to? (Collaborations, Albums, Shows?)

JF: Yes! I have so many projects in the works and a lot of them are with a bunch of friends. In a week I’m releasing a Halloween EP with some of my friends, including Tabassko from Iceland on my soundcloud for free. That’s going to be more dub step/rage music. Then on the other side of the spectrum, I’m really excited about the stuff I have been making with Imagined Herbal Flows lately. A very chill, funky, upbeat sound. Super fun. The last few months, I have been helping on the production of a project called, Drishti Beats, which is an amazing group of young talented artists who all came together to make contemporary yoga music, and perform live. The sound we have formed over the last few months is like a combination of Flume, Baauer, even maybe with a touch of Mau5.

MMIBTY: Your roots are in Dub-step, but you have also proved to be a very skilled producer of hybrid trap, what direction do you see your music heading in the recent future?

JF: I never like to get stuck in one genre. I have been experimenting with all different styles of sounds on tracks but lately on my most recently open, I have a few deep house tracks, and a bunch of 90 bpm up beat and chill groovy funk melodic trap? I don’t know what to call it, but it makes you groove.

MMIBTY: What kind of aspects do you try to bring to your live sets that you believe sets you apart from seeing anyone else?

JF: Well to start, I only want to play only all original music. There is way too much music out there to always be playing Beatport’s top tracks. There may be a time I play a track or two that isn’t mine but I dig for underground artists all the time. If its sweet to the ears, and the production is solid, ill use it. I want to bring as many live elements to the live set as possible. And play out what I think is good music. That’s why this new Drishti beats project is fun, because we have all original music that I will be mixing, a male and female vocalist, live guitarist/pianist playing along with the whole set. Its really awesome because no one else is really doing anything like it.

MMIBTY: What has been your favorite city away from home that you have spent time in? Why?

JF: Denver, cause its the ( . ) ( . )’ s

MMIBTY: You have other projects going on. Can you talk a little bit about them?

JF: Many. First, I have personal page which is Jamie Fenn. I put ALL types of music up there. I’m one half of Dance Pance, which is happy melodic progressive house. I am also the music director/dj for this new group fitness cycling program called MOi Cycle. Its basically a kick ass intense workout, to an amazing monthly updated playlist, which leaves you with a totally new experience every time you take the class. Currently, I’m in the process of wrapping up a few albums for this new Yoga influenced project, Drishti Beats. And on top of it all, I have co labs and personal projects that I always am working on.

MMIBTY: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where will dance music be?

JF: Great question. I have no Idea where I will be in five years. I’m not too worried. I just want to keep producing quality sounding music. Eventually it would be amazing to co lab with some of my favorite artists, Flume, Skrillex, Kygo.